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old home place recordings

About Us

We are a media production team formed by filmmaker Aaron Stone and audio engineer Bridger Dunnagan in the Blue Ridge mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. 


Stone and Dunnagan met in Asheville in 2021, brought together by their shared love of traditional music and the community that surrounds it. Seeking to capture the sights and sounds of Western North Carolina’s thriving acoustic music scene, the pair began documenting artists through a series of video projects that would become Old Home Place Recordings.


With Stone’s background in filmmaking and photography and Dunnagan’s audio recording expertise, these sessions served as a sandbox for the two to flex their creative muscles while authentically capturing the sounds and aesthetics of creators and the spaces they inhabit.


While Old Home Place Recordings rely on top-quality gear and production techniques, they remain true to their origins as field recordings - these videos capture artists in an intimate setting, offering a glimpse into the sprawling creative landscape of this region while telling the individual performers’ story in a unique time and place. An Old Home Place Recording might just as easily take place inside a barn on the family farm as the back room of a favorite dive bar or onstage at a nationally acclaimed theater. Tying these performances to these special locations to create a sense of place for artists and viewers alike is a central tenet of the Old Home Place ethos.


A standard Old Home Place Recordings session captures audio and video of a single song at a location determined collaboratively between the artists and the production crew. The performance is then edited and formatted for distribution on the artists’ chosen platforms. To learn more about being featured in an upcoming Old Home Place Recording, visit our contact page and drop us a line.

Aaron Stone

Director // Cinematographer

Aaron is a filmmaker and photographer who grew up exploring the woods of rural New York state. At a young age he became immersed in storytelling by sittin' around the campfire with the oldtimers and playing old folk songs that he learned on his great grandfather's guitar. Now he spends his time either exploring the world or planning the next adventure. Since he relocated to Asheville in the spring of '21, he has captured original and traditional music of Western North Carolina and has begun work on a documentary film surrounding the subject. Aaron walks through the world with the same wonder he had as a child, and he feels a responsibility to document the beauty he sees in it: in its people, its music, its stories. 

Bridger Dunnagan

Sound Engineer // Music Director

Bridger is a musician and songwriter at his core, which deeply informs his perspective as a recording engineer and sound artist. His childhood in Bozeman, MT was filled with family, fishing, and nordic skiing. He moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains to be around more old-time music in the summer of  ‘21. He has self-produced two EP’s of original music- Buddy Boy (2020) and an upcoming release titled You Choose. He continues to expand his collaborations as an engineer and producer with several artists in the Asheville area. Having spent countless hours recording his own music, he has developed a nuanced and versatile ear, always keeping a perspective of the sonic character of a space.

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